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Brain Cancer Treatment

Brain Cancer



Cancer of the brain is usually called a brain tumor. There are two main types:


  • A primary brain tumor is one that starts in the brain
  • A metastatic brain tumor is the type that starts somewhere else in the body and moves to the brain


Symptoms Include:

  •   Headaches, usually worse in the morning
  •   Nausea and vomiting
  •   Changes in your ability to talk, hear, or see
  •   Problems with balance or walking
  •   Problems with thinking or memory
  •   Muscle jerking or twitching
  •   Numbness or tingling in arms or legs


Cause of Brain Cancer:

The exact cause of cancer is unknown


Method of  Diagnosis Includes:

  • Computed Tomography Scan (CT or CAT scan) is a diagnostic imaging procedure that uses a combination of X-rays and computer technology to produce horizontal and vertical cross-sectional images (often called slices) of the body. muscles, fat and organs. CAT scans are more detailed than general X-rays.
  • Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) is used to map the functional area of a patient's brain.
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a diagnostic procedure that uses a combination of large magnets, radio frequencies and a computer to produce detailed images of organs and structures within the body.
  • MR SPECT is a highly effective method of scanning the brain that can detect tumors that other brain scans might miss. It is a noninvasive test that offers results in real time, decreasing the need for biopsies and other surgeries.
  • Neurological exam in which a physician tests reflexes, muscle strength, eye and mouth movement, coordination and alertness.
  • Stereotactic Biopsy is a procedure that obtains a specimen of the tumor so that a neuropathologist can analyze it. The goal of the biopsy is to confirm a diagnosis. This minimally invasive approach can be used to obtain a diagnosis either before proceeding with a craniotomy or instead of a larger procedure.


Treatment options include:

  • Neurology Surgery
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Chemotherapy


Cost of Brain Cancer Treatment:

Cost of the Brain Cancer Management varies person to person and depends on the health condition of the patient and also choice of the healthcare facility and Hospital Room, however average minimum price of the Medical Procedure is around USD 8000- USD 9000, Per cycle of Chemotherapy cost around USD 1000-1500 and cost of Per Cycle Radiotherapy is around USD 1500-2000 this is an all inclusive cost.


Doctors and Surgeons present in NewLife Health Tour's network hospitals are well trained in the management of Brain Cancer Surgery and in other complimentary Medical specialties. Doctors will work with you to determine the most appropriate treatment plan, based on your symptoms and the resources. Our associate Board certified surgeons are highly experienced and have performed more than hundreds of such kinds of surgery at our state of the art JCI accredited hospitals where diagnostic and therapeutic services are seamlessly integrated under the same roof. Our World-renowned team of surgeons and highly trained nurses provide comprehensive care of the highest quality, ensuring that patients receive the most advanced treatments known to medicine.

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