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Ethical Training and Corporate Government Workshop – 2017

Business Ethics and Corporate Governance Training and Workshop – 2017

Ethics are principles or standards of human conduct, sometimes called morals, and, by extension, the study of such principles is sometimes called moral philosophy. Business ethics are ethics applied to the business environment in order to study the moral and ethical issues related to it. Although business ethics can be both a normative and descriptive discipline, when it comes to corporate practice, it is essentially a normative science.

Every organization should provide employees with an ethics policy in order to define acceptable behavior and promote higher standards. Teaching employees about the nuances of professional ethics is essential to establishing a harmonious, productive workplace. In this Professional Ethics training Workshop, we will provide the definition of ethics in a business environment, understand the serious impact of unethical behavior, learn about reporting unethical situations, and differentiate between personal morality and workplace ethics. Through examples and quizzes, employees and managers will all take away a better understanding of the importance of acting ethically in the workplace. India started its economic reforms and opened itself to the global world only in 1991 because of the crisis it found itself in. It was also a wake-up call for companies to increase transparency, efficiency, and competitiveness and to have better corporate governance. An effort has been made to provide ample knowledge on the subject.

This course will cover topics such as:

• Confidential Information
• Conflicts of Interest
• Putting Ethics Into Practice
• Ethical Leadership for Supervisors

Your staff will:

• Learn to think about the ethics of a situation before acting
• Outline the benefits of acting ethically
• Create an understanding of why ethics issues should be reported
• Understand resources available for navigating difficult situations

Your managers will:

• Learn how to model ethical behavior
• Learn to implement and follow your company’s policy
• Provide training and resources for employees
• Understand the necessity of cooperating with investigations

Module 1 – Introduction to Ethics in Workplace – Day -1
Module 2 – Workplace Situations: Putting Ethics into Practice – Day 2-3
Module 3 – When and How to Report Ethics Concerns – Day 4
Module 4 – Role of Leaders in Ethics Day – 5

The training program will be commenced with formal dinner and certification distribution ceremony which will be held on the last day.

Please contact at for booking and more information about the training course.


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