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Introduction to Medical Tourism

A lot of you visiting this website must be wondering what ‘Medical Tourism’ entails?

Here is a brief explanation and an overview of the global medical Tourism industry and its prospects in the years to come…


What Is Medical Tourism?


Medical tourism was once associated only with foreign visits to a country for cheaper cosmetic surgery, therapy sessions or obtaining low-cost medicines that work better than those locally available to you.

But, medical tourism in a broader sense is much more than that. Medical tourism is essentially any kind of visit to a country with better healthcare amenities that are offered at lower costs and is much more diligent in service.

Not only that, medical tourism patients are increasing in number every year since they are slowly realizing the potential of countries like India, Thailand and Singapore in terms of medical care, rehabilitation and post-operative safeguards.

The global health care industry is witnessing a major overhaul since high cost of healthcare in countries like United States, stressed out public healthcare coverage in United Kingdom, Canada, lack of medical expertise in the Middle East and lack of basic healthcare facilities in countries of Africa is helping people understand the benefit of healthcare tourism.

Not only is medical tourism a meaningful journey that gives a new lease on life to a grieving patient, it is also boon to their financial status as a visit to another country normally means lesser healthcare costs, that too with on-par or better healthcare facilities.

Medical tourism may sound like a ‘vacation’ because of the word tourism, but it is not. It is also not a tour of visits to hospitals and nursing homes or a medical study program. Medical tourism is the act of a person traveling from their own area of residence to a better place for purpose of effective and speedy healthcare.

For people who do not have medical insurance in their country or those who need a certain medical procedure which is not available Locally, a medical tourism package helps combat the risk of rising healthcare costs while providing the healthcare.

Not only do you get the medical procedure done effectively, NewLife Health Services and our able staff will help you revitalize after the procedure. We will also help you procure daycare facilities, medicines and ambulance services at lower costs as compared to your country’s healthcare plans.

Currently, India is a leading competitor in the world of medical tourism which has a myriad of hospitals under its belt that provide cost-effective treatment and rehabilitation procedures at local costs.

Enticing prices, short flight travels and use of cutting edge healthcare technology that is what medical tourism is all about.



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