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Spinal Fusion Operation

Overview:- Spinal Fusion is a surgery option via which two or more vertebrae in the patient’s spine are completely connected thereby eliminating motion between them. As part of the procedure, bone graft is used to fill the space between the two vertebrae.The bone graft material used in spinal fusion may be in a preformed shape, or it may be contained within a plastic, carbon fiber or metal cage. Once the bone graft heals, the vertebrae are permanently connected.

When is it Performed

Your doctor may recommend spinal fusion if you have a broken vertebra, a spinal deformity, spinal weakness, spinal instability or chronic low back pain.

This procedure is recommended in cases where there maybe:

  • Broken Vertebra
  • Spinal Deformity
  • Spinal Weakness
  • Spinal instability
  • Chronic lower back pain

Test & Diagnosis

potential candidate for spinal fusion undergoes a long series of medical tests. In patients with scoliosis, x rays are taken over many months or years to track progress of the curve. Patients with disk herniation or degeneration may receive x rays, MRI studies, or other tests to determine the location and extent of injury. Patients in good health may donate several units of their own blood in preparation for surgery. This may be done between six weeks and one week prior to the operation. The patient will probably be advised to take iron supplements to help replace lost iron in the donated blood. Sunburn or sores on the back should be avoided prior to surgery because they increase the risk of infection. A variety of medical tests will be done shortly before surgery to ensure that the patient is in good health and prepared for the rigors of surgery. Blood and urine tests, x rays, and possibly photographs documenting the curvature will be done. An electroencephalogram (EEG) may be performed to test nerve function along the spine. The patient will be admitted to the hospital the evening before surgery. No food is allowed after midnight, in order to clear the gastrointestinal tract, which will be immobilized by anesthesia.

How it is done

There are different types of treatment options for Spinal fusionSurgery. You may need a discussion with your doctor regarding your treatment procedure.

Some standard treatments for Spinal fusionSurgery are:
Surgeons perform spinal fusion using general anesthesia, so you're unconscious during the procedure. The anesthesiologist or anesthetist gives you an anesthetic medication as a gas — to breathe through a mask — or injects a liquid medication into a vein. The surgical team monitors your heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen throughout the procedure with a blood pressure cuff on your arm and heart-monitor leads attached to your chest. After you're unconscious, your surgeon will begin the procedure. Surgeons have developed a variety of techniques for performing spinal fusion surgery.

The technique your surgeon uses depends on the location of the vertebrae to be fused and the reason for spinal fusion. Generally, the procedure involves the following:

Bone graft preparation.

The bone grafts that actually fuse two vertebrae together may come from a bone bank or from your own body, usually from a pelvic bone. If your own bone is used, the surgeon makes an incision above your pelvic bone, removes a small portion of it, and then closes the incision.


Exact Cost of the Disc Replacement Surgery will vary person to person and will depend on health condition of the Individual and also choice of the healthcare facility and Hospital Room, however average minimum price of the Medical Procedure is around USD 5000- USD 6000 for one disc this cost Include the cost of the Implant, Surgeon’s fees, Anesthetist fees and the hospital stay of 3-4 days in twin sharing room.

Doctors and Surgeons present in NewLife Health Tour's network hospitals are well trained in Disc Replacement Surgery and in other Medical specialties. Doctors will work with you to determine the most appropriate treatment plan, based on your symptoms and the resources. Our associate Board certified surgeons are highly experienced and have performed more than hundreds of such kinds of surgery at our state of the art JCI accredited hospitals where diagnostic and therapeutic services are seamlessly integrated under the same roof. Our World-renowned team of surgeons and highly trained nurses provide comprehensive care of the highest quality, ensuring that patients receive the most advanced treatments known to medicine.

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