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Why India

India has one of the largest number of qualified professionals in the medical arena ranging from surgeons, physiotherapists, dentists and more.

Currently, Indian Medical Tourism is revered globally, not only for its world-class features, but for lower hospitalization costs as well, compared to not only Americanand Europeancountries as well as other Asian Countries. This is why most of foreign citizen suffering from serious ailments, or who want to get surgical procedures done, visit India for receiving best medical services.

India’s competent doctors and world class medical facilities are helping millions of patients each year get rid of pain and suffering and it is also a lucrative destination for people looking to gain emergency treatment like bypass surgeries, accidental rehabilitation, etc.

A lot of countries put their citizens on a waiting list for surgeries and other complicated procedures since the healthcare system is highly stressed out. That is certainly not the case with India’s medical tourism industry. Not only do the accredited hospitals have highly qualified doctors spanning all range of medical specialties, they also invite foreign specialists for complicated procedures to give their patients the best-of-the-best services within the competitive charges promised to them.

Indian Hospitals along with NewLife Health Services can provide best medical tourism services in each and every medical speciality and is a good option for patients  who cannot be treated in their home countries due to either unavailability of healthcare services or due to unaffordability of medical treatment.

Also, India’s state-of-the-art healthcare facilities have all required diagnostic  machines, scanners and other services in-house so that you do not have to run around from hospital to hospital. The best infrastructure coupled with a highly-able panel of internationally acclaimed doctors is what makes India the best destination for medical treatment and rehabilitation.

An added bonus is a visit to magnificent and historically illustrious India, a haven for people seeking medical care under total solitude and luxury.

All this and more at a fraction of the cost as compared to your country’s rates are a lovely opportunity to get well and bounce back to a normal life.

Here Are Some Advantages Of Going To India For Medical Treatment:

  • Internationally accredited super-speciality medical facilities that employ the use of the latest and best technologies.
  • Highly qualified physicians, surgeons, physiotherapists, nursesand hospital support staff.
  • Significantly high cost savings as compared to domestic private healthcare services in your country.
  • Medical treatment costs in India are as low as least 60-90% when compared to similar medical procedures in North America, the UK or the other European countries.
  • No Waiting Lists and speedy medical procedures and rehabilitation.
  • Highly hospitable and Fluent English speaking nurses and support staff
  • Options for private rooms, personal nurses, translators, private chefs for diet plan management and dedicated staff supplied during your stay in India apart from many other tailor-made services for your care.
  • Can easily be combined with any holiday / business tripto India.

NewLife Health Services currently partners the best world-class private care hospitals in India and abroad for providing you with premium quality medical services at highly affordable prices. With world class facilities under our belt, we are sure meet all your expectations and deliver services that will make you better again.

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