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Why NewLife

We care about you and your health and seeing you hale and hearty is our prime goal.

New Life Health Tours aspires to provide you with all sorts of medical care to help you bounce back from any kind of illness.

Our expertise and vast experience in the healthcare industry is based on a three-point principle which is:

  1. Class-leading healthcare facilitation services at affordable cost.
  2. Proper counselling to keep you abreast of your condition.
  3. Multiple Opinions by qualified doctors so that you decide the best treatment plan for yourself.

Not only do we provide all this at a competent cost to all our patients, we do so with tremendous love and care, after all, that is what an ailing patient needs – compassion and understanding that everything will be all right!

Here is an overview of our services that are revered by our national and international customers and panelists:

  1. Medical Opinions – Farsighted opinions by qualified medical experts with simple to understand factual results to help you understand your condition better.


  1. Medical Treatment – All our quality healthcare facilities are world-class and stock all the necessary medicines your ailment may require.


  1. Medical Travel and Logistics – This service is specially crafted for international visitors who would find trouble in making travel and Logistics arrangements during a situation of emergency. We will help you with that, all airlines, taxis, accommodation, ambulance service, and other tour planning to and from your home can be handled by us. All you have to do is recuperate and get healthy.


  1. Medicines and Pharmaceuticals – Not only will we provide you with low-cost medicines of premium quality, we will also make all possible arrangements to help you take these medicines back to your home country without any legal issues since some countries require additional documents supporting transport of certain medicines. Don’t worry, we will help you with that.


  1. Nursing Services – Our high-quality nursing support staff is here to take 24 X 7 full-time care of the patient right after they get discharged from the hospital.


  1. Specialized Care – Apart from all the services mentioned above, we also offer any sort of additional support and care a needy patient may require.

With us, you have one guarantee – you will get well soon with total moral support via our support staff and qualified team of world-renowned doctors and surgeons.

All you have to do is put your faith in us and we will handle the rest. Your health is our priority! Nothing makes us happier than to see our patients smile after post-operative care or when they become fit like they used to be.

That is emotional connect we establish with our patients! Come join hands with us and experience world-class medical aid and care at New Life Health Tours.

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