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Why Should You Consider Medical Tourism

The burden of soaring medical costs, long waiting lists and dissatisfying local healthcare is now making people realize the hidden benefits of healthcare tourism.

Not only do we provide healthcare and treatment with affordable costs, wealso treat the patients with care and empathy.

Here are five reasons why you should consider medical tourism especially if your ailment is getting out of bounds and is making you suffer endlessly.

  1. Lower Costs

If you compare the price of a simple X-ray in your country with India, you will be shocked! The outrageous difference in costs will make you question why local healthcare in your country is so costly.

A cardiac bypass surgery costs over $100,000 in the US. The same procedure can be availed in a country like India at 110th of the cost that too in a world-class hospitalization facility.

  1. Highly Qualified Doctors

Most doctors in India are highly qualified and well educated from the Best US or European Medical Hospitals which enables them to have a global overview of the best medical practices that should be employed for specific patients according their type of illness.

Most of these doctors work for institutions that are accredited by ISO, JCI, JCAHO and NABH.

  1. World-Class Hospitals

If you wish to experience the best of healthcare at a prime hospital, thenNewLife Health services is the right choice for you.


Not only will you get treatment at a world-class facility that houses all necessary testing equipment, you will also get the best hospitality services in these World class Healthcare Facilities. Sometimes we also refer them as 5* Hospitals.


  1. Class-leading Customer Service

Since healthcare is a very personal factor, NewLife Health Services chalks out a plan to make you feel comfortable and safe in a foreign country.


Also, when it comes to offering first-class accommodation, transportation and rehabilitation services, Medical tourism Services of NewLife Health Services is the best choice.


  1. No More Waiting Period

While in UK and Canada you can be put on a hospital waiting list If you have a serious condition such as Orthopaedics, Organ Transplant , cardiac or spinal operations due to stress on the Public health system.


In case of medical tourism services In India from NewLife Health Tours we have no such constraints and patients can be diagnosed and the treatment can be started as soon as you arrive in India.


Medical tourism services from NewLife are on the rise amongst patients who wish to receive Advanced Management of Cancer, Cardiac Surgeries, Organ transplants, Spinal and Brain Surgeries, IVF Treatments, Orthopedic Treatment, Cosmetic Surgery and all other Major Medical Procedures.

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